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Education Scenario to Study in UK

Types Of Taught Degrees in UK Universities

  • Postgraduate Certificates and Diplomas (PGCert; PGDip)
  • Master (MA; MSc)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Bachelor Degrees
  • Foundation courses

Types Of Research Degrees in UK Universities

  • Master of Philosophy (MPhil)
  • Master of Research (MRes)
  • Professional/Taught Doctorates (Deng, DMus, DEd, DBA, DClinPsych)
  • Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD or DPhil)
    Expenses To Study In UK

A student would incur living as well as school/university fees which is different from other little bits such as insurance, expenses for books, stationery, etc. Although the latter part would vary from student to student on the basis of the individual standard of living, the cost of tuition fees shall be fixed by the University on an annual amount basis. However, cost per year may change for a program every year and will be mentioned on the website of each university.

Tuition fees: As international students, the cost of education is higher than that of the local residents of the UK. On average, the costs for universities in the UK may be considered as follows:

  • Undergraduate: GBP 11000 per year
  • Postgraduate: GBP 12000 approximately, Management courses can go up to GBP 20000 for many top business schools

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Living costs would by from location

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