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Education Scenario to Study in New Zealand

Types Of Taught Degrees in New Zealand Universities


    • Associate
    • Foundation
    • Bachelor’s Degree (Hons)


    • Graduate Certificate
    • Graduate Diploma
    • Master’s Degree


    • Doctoral Degree


    • Undergraduate: Rs. 60-70 Lakhs
    • PG Diploma: Rs. 35-40 Lakhs
    • Doctoral program

    New Zealand’s system of higher education is made up of universities, institutes of technology and polytechnics (ITPs), wānanga and private training establishments (PTEs). The eight New Zealand universities offer a broad range of qualifications at different levels. University study can lead to an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification such as a Bachelor’s degree, diploma, master’s or PhD. For example, an undergraduate degree usually takes three to four years to complete while a PhD typically takes three years.
    New Zealand has a range of polytechnic institutes and private training establishments that offer degree-level education as well as academic degrees. As such, you can gain the degree qualification that you need to pursue your career ambitions in New Zealand, or if you wish to pursue further study.

    New Zealand has a long tradition of education excellence, with high standards and modern campuses. New Zealand has many higher education institutions that provide leading academic programs, while also offering a unique cultural experience.

    Education fees in New Zealand are dependent on the location of the school as well as the field of course that the student wishes to enrol in. On average, international students may want to consider the cost of living and studying in NZ for about NZD$25,000 per year.



    NZ$ 20000 to NZ$ 37000 per year


    NZ$ 6500 to NZ$ 9000


    NZ$ 10000 to NZ$ 15000 per year


    NZ$ 18000 to NZ$ 32000 per year

    International students are always very concerned on the cost of living in New Zealand. Living expenses would differ from person to person, but on an average one can calculate a total of NZ$ 15000 – NZ$ 20000

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